Twitter Accounts All Auburn Fans Should Follow

   Along with Auburn Athletics’ official social media accounts, there are several other Twitter accounts that provide football fans with news, funny memes, debate and other Auburn-related content. I’ve put together several accounts I follow and check frequently for updates during football season and the off-season.

AU Family

With over 100,000 followers, this is a popular fan account that covers all things Auburn Athletics. From memes, to merchandise, to podcasts, to articles, @AUFAMILY posts a variety of content throughout the day. This account engages fans well by reposting fan photos and engaging in discussion.

Aubie the Tiger

Everyone’s favorite Tiger is not only a nine-time UCA Mascot National Champion, he’s also on Twitter! Posting daily photos of his life, Auburn’s lovable mascot engages with fans on Twitter by posting fun content to help fans get in Auburn spirit.

Saturday Down South

While not strictly an Auburn account, @SDS posts humorous college football-related news and content covering all of the Southeastern Conference. With over 200,000 followers, this account often live-tweets during SEC games with real-time reactions to the game. Saturday Down South can simultaneously satisfy and infuriate all fans of SEC teams with their sometimes vicious opinion.

Drunk Aubie

Drunk Aubie is the sassy alter ego of Aubie the Tiger. While not affiliated with Auburn Athletics or the university, Drunk Aubie is perhaps my favorite Auburn-related account because of the account’s witty comebacks, gifs and memes. Drunk Aubie also throws his own spin on real-time reaction to Auburn football games and will often engage in banter with rival fans.

If you’re like me and love following Auburn-related content even during the off-season, following these accounts will help you cope until the football season comes back around.

Perhaps the most entertaining part about each of these accounts are the Twitter arguments that often occur between Auburn fans and fans of rival teams. Fortunately, Auburn fans continue to show class regardless of comments made on Twitter.

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